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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

New LJ community: Southern California O.T.O.


I have just added the LJ community socal_oto as an open discussion forum for things relevant to the OTO in Southern California. The community is OTO initiates only. Admins will be local body officers that are members of the community and anyone else we opt to add.

The group is open to any initiate, but will feature discussion that is more directed to issues in Southern California and the groups that are active there:

Blue Horizon
Golden Lotus

We also have groups that often take trips to:
Serpentine Splendor (Las Vegas)
Seven Spirts (Tucson)
and of course... Northern California

So there may be travel info on there as well.

Drop a line if you wish to join.

93, 93/93!