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I want a do over....

Actually, I think I just want to set the clocks back the way they were...

Oh, it started well enough...

jnanacandra went off to Yoga in the morning as she's been doing for a while. This gave me time to commit a mass cleaning on the front room. I want our house ready for guests and work and weekends have been keeping me too busy. I managed to whittle 8 boxes down to 2 and now I just have to find a place for the CDs and Video tapes. H got back a little later than expected but we still made it in time for the mass we were planning to attend.

I attended mass at LVX for the first time in a while. I've been busy and I'd been missing their masses. Mass was wonderful and beautiful as always. There was a Deacon performing for the first time and he did a stellar job. After mass we looked around the shop where mass is held. We found the Beautiful Crystal Singing Bowl. It was missing the 'stick' so we got it at cost. (We got it for a steal) We also got a nice censor for our mass.

We headed home and settled into night business. Dinner and some TV. I also had to check my financial files for my officer's report for our local body. azadio and I managed to finally connect online and we've tentatively scheduled our next traveling Mass in Tucson (Dec 12/13). This will be my first time doing baptisms and confirmations in the EGC. Hopefully my Bishop will afford me the dispensation.

H made Couscous. (Yummy) and I managed to catch an episode of the much talked about "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"... Sadly... Yawn. It was like watching, "Bad Hollywood stereotypes on Parade." Most of them seemed over the top. Carson (the blonde quean) was the worst of the lot. Humourously, both H and I think Jai is cute.

I still had to work on numbers so I figured I'd work on it at 9 when the show was over. Oh, no. Bravo had it in for me. One show that I truly love is "Inside the Actor's Studio" James Lipton, a man dripping of failed actor, inflicts a stack of index cards that forms and obscene amount of research into the history of some pop icon. All in the name of training students at the NewSchool in the craft. Last night they showed a special two-hour episode on Robin Williams.

So now it's 11pm and I have laughed myself silly. H is mostly beginning to fall asleep. I trundle her off to bed and give her a loving cuddle. Then it's back to the computer to finally do the financials. But for some reason the file won't load. The computer locks up. Well, now is as good a time as any. 10.2 now becomes 10.3 Server.

2:30 am: The server is up and configured. But now all my firewire drives are gone. Including the 160GB monster that has the financial data on it. I sit there and stare bleary eyed, realizing that I may have just slagged 160 GB of data and lost my camp's financial data. And so it begins...

3:15 am: Three teeth clenching cheers for Norton Utilities for fixing some major Volume issues on the drive.
4:00 am: Financial file seems to be rescued but it now seems to be missing data between 8/5 and 9/15. Damn.
5:00 am: Financial data is updated. (Possibly missing stuff still needs to be verified) But now the printer has no ink and I can't print reports.
5:05 am: I plot in front of the TV. Plunk in Ocean's 11 and start the behind the scenes.
5:06 am: H wanders out. (This is the first time I actually notice the time) I wander to bed unhappy with the files
8:15 am: Over snoozed from lack of sleep. Start to pack up for work. My sidekick is now missing. As is the paperwork for my car registration that I really need to do.

I hate cleaning house. Inevitably I loose everything when I clean. The problem is that I cleaned before Mass. I remember having the phone at Mass. Now it's morning and I have no idea where my cell phone/pda/etc thingee is. :-( GROWL! And of course I turned off the sound for Mass, so calling it just simply makes it quietly point out that someone wants in and then sends me to voice mail.

8:45 The paperwork finally shows up, I give up on the sidekick for now. (after much OCD searching that includes the requisite 2 trips to the freezeer)
8:50 (Normally I leave the house by 7:45) Out of the house down the twisty Road.
8:55 60% down the hill, H looks at me, "Do you have your work badge?"
9:00 Back at the house.
9:15 gas and then off to AAA for the Registration.

By this point I am at that short sleep wire and H is at that not focusing/Hungry. We can't remember exactly were AAA is. We drive all over SW pasadena. I am unable to focus, she is unable to focus. I find it on a AAA map... sort of. I have been off the strattera as well as it was not really doing much for me. I figured, I should take my meds and screw my brain back in.

9:30 AAA: I run in. I will drop paperwork and check and get out of there. There is what looks like a 17 year old in braces behind the counter pointing on a map to all the highways that are closed due to the fact that SoCal is on fire.

9:35 "I just want to drop off my registration"
"Oh, our modem is down. But you can go to our Glendale (7 miles away) office."

9:40 in car, "I want a do over!"
We miss the hiway road to the office.
9:50 We get me to work.

I give H a long tight Hug. We were a little snippy, but it really wasn't at each other. It was morning, we were both cranky. And we really do love each other. I gave her some cash so she could buy something extra for herself with breakfast for putting up with me being a cranky bitch.

(But it's not over)

10:45 at the office, have told this tale twice already. Called the occult shop while typing this. If that doesn't pan out, it's time to call the cell company and report it missing and start doing goetic summonings.

And of course, now the strattera is kicking in, which means I really just wanna crawl under the desk in the cube in fetal and nap until wednesday.


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