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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Time sensitive poll like thing. You have 5 hours....

x-posted to lordandrei, los_angeles, poly_la

We (jnanacandra and I ) are thinking of goth-style clubbing tonight. I don't really know the la-goth scene so I went to the la-goth net site.

We are looking for a gothish, dark, club, maybe with a slight twist. Something along the lines of Dungeon or Perversion, I guess. We're also hopping to stay in a circle that inclusive of Hollywood and Pasadena.

So far the ones that seem interesting are: Clockwork Orange, Helter Skelter, Release the Bats, MissKitty's, among others.

So.. here it is:

Poll #196214 Suggest a gothie club

Which club

Clockwork Orange
Helter Skelter
Industry Fridays
Miss Kitty's Parlour
Release The Bats

Some other club?

Comments (directions, notes about clubs)

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I'll leave you with this:


The makers of Clockwork Orange.


The link for Clockwork Orange.

I get the idea it isn't so much gothy as clubby. Perversion (Thursdays) is supposed to be very goth. Dungeon (Saturdays) I have been to and is VERY gothy. Also has nifty semi-naked people in S&M displays on a stage.

Better than Skinemax. ;)

Hrmm, I have been to Dungeon. Two dance floors...the main floor was industrial, the other floor old goth. It was okay.

I'm surprised somebody has a goth club named Helter Skelter because it shares its name with a long-running and very famous European progressive dance event.

I know that I am a day late and a dollar short... but if you ever decide to go out on a saturday night I would recommend Dungeon or Bar Sinister for your stompy enjoyment.

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