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Halloween Approaches... A redux look back

So, as my 36th Halloween approaches, I'm into that period of, "Do I do something or not?" I've been invited to a costume optional party with the theme of "Come as your favourite dead thing." I'd been considering coming as "(The death of) Childhood Innocence"

Other favourite costumes I've done: The Crow, Dream (Sandman), Gene Simmons, Wacko Warner

Open for suggestions...

It's been three years since my “scariest” costume to date. Some people have seen it, other's have not. So I figured I'd put it up for the newer people.

First the description, then the image behind a cut for the faint of heart.

  • Shaved beard entirely
  • Bleached hair on head
  • Green contact lenses
  • Theatrical makeup to give a european skin tone
  • Shaved body hair from back of hands
  • Removed all jewlery (necklaces and rings)
  • Buisness suit

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