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From the Daily Probe

The Daily Probe could theoretically be approaching the Onion in mock news.

American Taliban Fighter Walker: "I Thought This Was the SCA"

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN (DPI) - John Walker, the American discovered fighting with Taliban forces last week, is now claiming that he thought he had joined the Society for Creative Anachronism, whose members perform re-creations of historical events. "Honestly, I thought we were just doing a Middle Eastern medieval re-creation or something," Walker said. "I was talking with Sunshine Garcia about an upcoming Renaissance Fair up in Monterey and she was telling me about this totally backward group of people she came across in Mill Valley that was so completely into 'archaic lifestyles,' so I thought I would check it out." John Ashcroft was unconvinced, responding, "Tell it to the chair, Dead Man Walking."
(Reported by Kevin Wickart, Ross Brown)

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