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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

EGC Mass in Maine: Whoooooo! F--in' A

Just leaving the church. We believe that we have just performed the first Gnostic Mass ever performed in Maine.

It went off like Clockwork.

Details are forthcoming as I am bouncy and exhausted from mass...and also as I am on the sidekick.

All and all it was awesome.

93's and massive thanks to KTO who I will list more in my grander post.


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Are you in Portland Maine? When I saw you mention this a while back I meant to ask you more about it. Glad it went so well and yes I think that probably was the first official celebration of Liber XV in Maine. Back when I still lived there I knew of a few thelemic folk but didn't know anything about the OTO. How's the fall foliage looking? It's one of the things I really miss this time of year.

I can't begin to thank you (and everyone else who helped out) enough for bringing the mass up here! It's kinda fun being the only member of the OTO in Maine, but it's a stigma I am all to happy to discard - in lieu of a strong Thelemic community in Maine. With luck, this was the first step!

It was great meeting you all!

I just saw your comment and had to go check out your user info; I was born in Bangor, ME and grew up in Brewer and I'm just a couple of years older than you. I am in Portland, OR now and have been for just over 7 years. I am sooo glad to hear of OTO stuff happening back there!

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