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On the way to Maine

So, here we are in LAX. Now, you may be wondering.. Is he really gonna to do a full entry on the little sidekick. Well, actually, I'm doing this on the laptop.

Yes kids, it would seem that LAX is fully Boingo WiFi'd now. I had a small panic because it had me pay for the day's service (fairly inexpensively) and then it told me I needed to download Boingo software. (For Windows and Pocket PC only)

I was quite annoyed. But, I paid the price, logged in. And Panther. (Yes I admit to running it) self configured itself with absolutely no problem.

We leave in about an hour. This means boarding will be in about 30 minutes. Heather is on my right playing CivIII on the iBook. I'm doing my usual job of answer people's questions about the 17" behemoth.

I love Macs. Especially from profitable companies :)

So, I am off to meet the future in-laws (and apparently spend much time in their hot tub) We will hopefully be performing a Gnostic Mass on Saturday for people in Maine. Hopefully, because we are pretty much doing this on the fly. It's a little scary.

It's currently 5:30am (Pacific). I didn't sleep last night. This means the world has that fuzzy, unreal quality to it. The gate counter is now open to process people. We are all taken care of. 6 months with my check card getting me frequent flier milage has finally paid off. We are flying first class :-D

I am showing off the new on the fly html rendering of my client to jnanacandra who has of course seen it before and returns to her world conquest.

I'm off to take a look at who's updated their LJ's. (I am such an addict)

More later.

*waves* from LAX

P.S. Never been to Maine before. Kinda nervous. I hear they have Killer Cars and Rabid Dogs and Insane Clowns. And a really scary looking author named King, too.

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