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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

DSL III: The journey home

So, at 8:30 this morning the ISP calls and wants to follow-up on Covad coming to the house. I plug in the modem (*note forthcoming) and we're getting what are called training starts. This means that the line knows there is a modem hooked up to it but the modem and the line aren't seeing eye to eye.

I take the modem to the office to do some experiments. At about 10am the ISP calls me at the office. We think the line is okay but we're not seeing a modem anymore. I explain that this makes sense becuase it's here on my desk. They ask if I can get it on on the line for some tests.

My very cool coworker KK. (Yes, kids... his middle initial really is K as well) gives me a lift back to place. I hook up the modem again. And I'm ashamed to say that I had it hooked up wrong this morning. The lights come on. And as Heather has pointed out already the DSL line is now live.

As for the hooking of the modem, I have to explain. There were 2 jacks on the back, 'Ethernet' and 'DSL' both of which were those amazingly annoying jacks that look like they take ethernet plugs but in fact could seat a telephone plug comfortably.

So, I had the phone plugged into ethernet (thinking this was the wire to the ethernet) and had the computer plugged into DSL. This is what happens when you get all egotistical about working in the field and you really have no clue what you're doing.

Now, that aside, it's unlikely that the covad guy that came out monday made the same mistake as me. Also, I did originally test with two modems, so.. the problem wasn't merely my morning mistake ;)

So, the signal is at least up and running. We have DSL to the house. Now I get to take the next step and try to actually rig up the network again. Tech foo comes next...

My hope is to run from the wall, thru the UHP ADSL modem to a small powered hub. That powered hub will run lines to my server, my airport, heather's machine, and maybe a line downstairs to the homeowner's apt. Then I will set another airport on the far end of the house to act as a repeater for the signal from the first one.

Both airports will be part of the same password protected 128 bit encrypted network for guests in the house. At some point I will have to make a design of this whole mess that we have. As the configuration should be interesting.

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Well, with the jack, it could be worse: is it a 36-pin parallel printer port? A "short" SCSI connector? A specialized connector port? And don't guess wrong, 'cause if you plug the wrong thing in, you will destroy the transceiver hardware circuitry and potentially destroy your computer and/or printer and/or hard drive.

Of course nowadays no-one could conceive of huge cables; we all want these tiny little connectors.

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