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But wait...a plesant memory

I'm watching VH1's video only channel. (Digital cable)

They are showing the video for "And We Danced" by the Hooters.

The video shows the band going to attend and play at a local drive in. You can clearly see the sign for the "Exton Drive In" As the video was made there. Now granted the video was made in the mid 80's (No guys, I'm not going to pour off year and record company) and I stopped going to that drivein when we moved away in 1979. Happily, drive in's don't really ever change.

I'm fond of this video because this is the drive in that I went to as a kid. I don't remember buch of life before I was 10 for some reason; but I firmly remember that drive in. It's where I saw Mary Poppins, Phantasm, and a whole bunch of other films. I remember the swingset (that appears in the video).

It's a wonderful piece of nostalgia that pops up on TV from time to time.

If anyone else has that kind of nostalgia that exists in video or film form....please feel free to share.

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