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Well gosh.. I guess I'm published

So, on an egoistical trip thru Google to see if there was anything new on my last name I made a discovery. To be honest... I actually check my last name on google out of curiosity to see if there is anything on anyone else in my family. Tapolow is a very rare name limited only to about 20 relatives of mine. Most of my family is not on the net.

That noted...

There is a new mini-cocoa-app on the net.
httpquery is described as: a simple utility for querying the version string of an HTTP server. You can use it to find out which software (e.g. Apache, Microsoft IIS, etc.) a web server is running.

The thing that blew my mind was:
Credits go to G. Andrei Tapolow of Apolo Productions for writing the base network code (“IJSimpleSocket”), which I used with some modifications.

IJSimpleSocket was actually a mini project that I was doing to see if I could make my build process automatically send emails to me if there were build problems. It didn't conflict with work interests so I was given permission to submit the class to the open-source IJournal project I was working on. I eventually bailed from iJournal to offer support to another iJournal developers spin off project XJournal.

So, it's kind of nice to see your work being adapted by someone else. It's a sense of professional validation.

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