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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Some people take things too far...

A gentleman has decided to put his apartment (flat) up on ebay. The interesting part is not that he is asking two (M) million dollars.

No, the interesting thing is that the "Trekkies 2" featured flat has been redesigned in complete 24th century ST:TNG design.

The author has a load of pictures at webshots.com.

There is more information on the film that is the sequel to the travesty "Trekkies."

I guess one could hope that the sequel won't make me even more ashamed to admit having liked the classic series, TNG, and DS9.

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Ok. I really would cut off my own pinky toe for that apartment.

I have to admit I'm now completely ashamed that I ever watched Star Trek: TNG or DS9, or that I currently watch Star Trek: Enterprise.

You watch enterprise?

Oh, dear gods. We need an intervention here!!!!

Considering that I was one of the people that endured the travesty that was "Trekkies" I can honestly say that this is just INSANE! Gees.. what is the world coming to.

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