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From the weekend: Puja Part one

Wanting to try to make journal entries from a camp site, I mailed myself entries. Well, entry. It got fairly busy and intense over 3 days but here is the first piece of mail.

From: Andrei Tapolow <>
Date: Thu Oct 9, 2003 9:05:40 PM US/Pacific
To: A Tapolow <>
Subject: Thurs: first night at puja


Heading into this event I was getting uneasy. I've become a rather involved and active member of our body. The ritual we are doing is in its 4th year. However... It is my first year. Something has managed to make it impossible to attend the last 3 years. So, I was not on the planning or setup committee. I kinda felt detached from my group.

Well, after leaving early from work, packing the camping gear as only a 15 yr veteran or Pennsic could and a little bit of last minute shopping we got on the road. We are out at Point Magu on the Cali coast near malibu. It took us about 20 minutes to empty the pick up of firewood and about 2 hrs. to set up the camp.

I am definitely more of a posh hotel and room service type. So, as always: 2 qu size air matresses, 2 qu size sleeping bags open and an persian style rug with little throw pillows.

It is now dark. I was able to get a fire going (really good tinder) and we are sitting around the fire. It is good. I am with my local family. The officers of the camp (the bodymaster and her husband the secretary, me-the treasurer and heather who does art.) The first bodymaster of the camp and his love is here and of course el-qahar who has always been an unedning supply of energy and support to the camp.

These are people I love and treasure to know and be around. (granted the topic is currently onto f-ed up familes and how wrong it is when parents talk about having sex)

The fire circle is really cool. It's a large metal cylinder about 2 ft high and 4 ft in diameter. So.. As the flames lick over the edges it looks like we have a chimney from hell sticking up out of the ground.

Well, it's 9pm and I am going to enjoy the company and crash. The real "Babalon Puja" ritual begins tomorrow. And I have next to no idea what to expect.


93, 93/93

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