Andrei Freeman (lordandrei) wrote,
Andrei Freeman

Sports Training gone awry

So I tried to explain Football to Arianna. This didn't quite work. She's more resilient to football than I was in High School. This is saying a lot. What follows is a cut of our convesation and how I finally gave in (for this round):

(09:32) LordAndrei: Actually, Pro Bowl tix are closer to $75 each. Not bad.
(09:32) ladyariananorth: You'd just have to get tickets to Hawaii.
(09:33) LordAndrei: ....not exactly likely
(09:34) ladyariananorth: You can always start planning for next year.
(09:35) LordAndrei: Definitely It'll give me a year to train you in the ways of football
(09:36) ladyariananorth: LOL! I am the only person in my family who doesn't watch it. My father makes fun of me for reading a book while he and Joan watch games.
(09:38) LordAndrei: I'm not going to convince you, am I :?)
(09:40) ladyariananorth: Doubtful. Although, I at least acknowledge it exists now.
(09:40) LordAndrei: I've made progress!
(09:41) ladyariananorth: But don't the skate blades get caught in the grass?
(09:41) LordAndrei: Only when when the Goalie is batting.
(09:42) ladyariananorth: Okay. Now I understand.
(09:42) LordAndrei: sometime's happens when the Bridge Contract Maker is pinch bowling the last frame of the dribbling spit.
(09:43) ladyariananorth: Insert blonde giggle.
(09:43) LordAndrei: But, he eventually he yells, "Fore" and the game goes into sudden retreat.
(09:43) ladyariananorth: LOL!
(09:43) LordAndrei: see, i knew you'd figure it out.
(09:44) LordAndrei: Can I post this conversation to my live journal :?)
(09:44) ladyariananorth: Sure.

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