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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

Sports Training gone awry

So I tried to explain Football to Arianna. This didn't quite work. She's more resilient to football than I was in High School. This is saying a lot. What follows is a cut of our convesation and how I finally gave in (for this round):

(09:32) LordAndrei: Actually, Pro Bowl tix are closer to $75 each. Not bad.
(09:32) ladyariananorth: You'd just have to get tickets to Hawaii.
(09:33) LordAndrei: ....not exactly likely
(09:34) ladyariananorth: You can always start planning for next year.
(09:35) LordAndrei: Definitely It'll give me a year to train you in the ways of football
(09:36) ladyariananorth: LOL! I am the only person in my family who doesn't watch it. My father makes fun of me for reading a book while he and Joan watch games.
(09:38) LordAndrei: I'm not going to convince you, am I :?)
(09:40) ladyariananorth: Doubtful. Although, I at least acknowledge it exists now.
(09:40) LordAndrei: I've made progress!
(09:41) ladyariananorth: But don't the skate blades get caught in the grass?
(09:41) LordAndrei: Only when when the Goalie is batting.
(09:42) ladyariananorth: Okay. Now I understand.
(09:42) LordAndrei: Well...it sometime's happens when the Bridge Contract Maker is pinch bowling the last frame of the dribbling spit.
(09:43) ladyariananorth: Insert blonde giggle.
(09:43) LordAndrei: But, he eventually he yells, "Fore" and the game goes into sudden retreat.
(09:43) ladyariananorth: LOL!
(09:43) LordAndrei: see, i knew you'd figure it out.
(09:44) LordAndrei: Can I post this conversation to my live journal :?)
(09:44) ladyariananorth: Sure.

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But Andrei! You forgot to tell her about what happens when the Seeker gets the cue ball!

I sooooo had to fight the urge

I so wanted to use terms from Quiddich....But it was just too much fun trying to find real terms :)

Meanwhile.. on TV. Just went from "Making of Lord of the Rings" to the Subway scene in Matrix on TNT.
I swear I'm going to put all the characters of LoR into the Matrix.

BTW: For Carrie only:

Re: Make it easier...andrei...

I had an important package get stuck in New Stanton once. It happens. Sometimes I just want to smack UPS but good.

Re: Make it easier...andrei...

So, uh, what do I do now? Just accept that it's stuck in New Stanton and get on with life? Call them? What?

I think they have moved the delivery date to Monday. I'm not pleased because I was aiming to have it be there in advance of you possibly being away for the holiday.

Excellent description. But dude, don't bother with the Pro Bowl, it's lame. Go to the Super Bowl.

That's the one where the goals are tended by masked vigilante mutants.

They're not all mutants. Really. The teams from the DCC sure aren't, anyway. I really prefer the MCC, though. Even though the X-Men's free safety tends to be hard on the opposing team--and the ball, and the turf, and the officials...something about the claws, I suspect.

(OK, so if Wolverine's a free safety, that makes Cyclops the quarterback. Colossus is on the offensive line, so is Beast, and weirdly enough Phoenix...)

I'd put Jean in as QB. I mean she could massage a pass the make sure it hits the mumbers every time. She'd defintiely have fewer interceptions. Rogue on WR. We know she'd get the extra height on those over-the-head passes.

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