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There is a phrase in the SCA called YKYISCAW (You know you're in the sca when) or some vairant. Now I haven't touched the sca in close to a year.

Sadly, however, I had what I can only call a "YKYACMW" This would be: 'You know you are a ceremonial magickian when..."

I was looking over a reference book on 'Cocoa' today. This is the major programming framework for the mac. For those of you out there who would like to join in the fun, turn in your hymnals (Cocoa in a nutshell) to page 89.

There was an illustration on how to generate graphics. Using a broken dashed set of lines as an example. I opened the book and thought to myself... Hmmn, I wonder what the I-Ching for the diagram is.

Now, the added icing on the cake as I know there is at least one CM who reads this who has that book near his desk at home... (Fra. S, yes I am talking about you)... I wrote up the post and noticed that the chapter section title at the bottom of the page is, "Working with paths"

As our learned Fra. S. would inevitably say, "sigh"

--"It's all in your head. You just have no idea how big a place that is."
(Rabbi Lamed ben Clifford)

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