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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Meme.. 5 things. Story 1

I've taken candid photos of Brooke Shields... and almost got arrested.

The year was 1980... I was in 7th grade. I was attending a private school called "Princeton Day" Probably one of the worst years of my life...

Some rival school from North New Jersey came to play the High school (PDS was 1st - 12th). The whole school was buzzing that Brooke was a cheerleader for the oposing team. So, I opted to bring a camera with me to the sporting event.

At one point I managed to get under the small set of visitor bleachers and snap off a picture of her at a bout a range of 5 feet straight on. She was visibly startled. Some big burley guy noticed me and headed for the bleachers. I took off in the other direction. He ran after me signalling a security guard to join him in the chase.

Fortunately, at that time I was a scrawny little non=descript 13 year old. I took off...well, primarily out of fear and never looked back.

The following week when the film came back I had my prize posession. A fairly good candid shot of Brooke Shields.

A note looking back on something that is approaching 2/3 of my lifetime ago... It was really nothing invredibly special or hard to do. But I think the event was a landmark for me because it was the first time I did something that had to be planned that I would have gotten in trouble for. It was the first time I 'dared' to do something. And I was proud of the results.