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Colour me embarassed

So, out of curiosity, I asked what language they were speaking. Turns out the guys are speaking Hebrew. They are all immigrants from Israel. Apparently, the guy boxing books was waiting until everything was done to go back and pack the sidur carefully.

To keep an eye on them, I've ordered Pizza. That way, they can either eat and pack at the same time, or I can note when they eat. Even if they eat in shifts... that's fine.

They told me they would love pizza but only if it was meatless. At first I thought, "Veggie Jews?" and then the little voice (that still knows some Yiddish) said, "Schmuck... Kosher. Cheese means no meat...." I should have offered them cheeseless with meat ;)

So once touching base that they are Israli, and commenting that I'm Jewish... the move has been proceeding... more quickly and the guys are much more realistically friendly.

You need to find the way to humanize the process ;)

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