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Moving day part 1

So, the movers are here. 3 russian guys. I think they are russian. One has a mop of wildly curly hair. One looks like a short dock worker and one looks like he could be a cousin.

Things started okay and then got very hairy, very fast. They came in bearing a contract that says I am covered for damaged up to 60 cents per pound. I call the movers and am transfered to the manager who tells me that I was previously notified about alternative insurance. I explain that I wasn't and I feel like the victim of bait and switch. I tell him I am going to consult with a lawyer. He tells me he is no longer interested in moving me, hangs up on me and calls his guys at the apt.

I grandly state that I am not having my move cancelled. Short dock worker coverses on phone in (maybe) russian for about 5 minutes. Then hands me thr phone. Manager says he's not interested in cancelling but if that's my decision....

I comment that I have full faith in his people and willl sign off on his contract but will discuss this with him after the move. He thinks the conversation is over.

If anything is damaged this will probably get very ugly.

More as the day goes on.

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