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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Blogshares revisited...

So, I've been looking into this blogshare thing. It would seem that it (in its own way) is conducive to a sense of Blog reference etiquette.

Part of the valuation comes from links that are on your journal to other journals it knows about and vice-versa. In other words, if you make a post concerning something you saw in someone's journal.. it is really good form to put "... from a post by lordandrei " For those wondering, the way to credit a user's journal is to type:

<lj user="lj-username">

Don't forget the quotation marks.

I am greatly intreagued by all of this. If you are interested in more about blogshare and opt to register yourself and or your journal... Here is the offer:
If you register your journal and make a post that references me with an lj-user cut between now and next Friday... even if it's just to reference Blog Shares... I will extend 20 shares of my journal out to you free.

To claim, you'll need to make the posting and comment in this post with a link to it. As soon as I verify it (about 24-48 hrs) I'll send off 20 shares to you. :) Should be interesting.

My isn't capitalism interesting.


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I bought some shares of your journal :-) :-P

I can never get that site to work.

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