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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

Buzzing energy *crackle*

Today has been one of the longest and yet most fulfilling days of my life. Today jnanacandra and I performed the EGC mass at Blue Horizon Camp.

This was the fourth time I have served as Priest to our Mass and more importantly to this performance, the first time Heather has performed the role of Priestess. This was also the first performance of the mass for tygeressdenacht who acted as one of the mass children. Fra. T was the other child and Soror L.O. was our ordained clergy fulfilling the role of Deacon.

The mass went well. Heather did a beautiful serpentine dance to Sonic Tribe. I used music for the circumambulations of the Priest. The music was Ameno by Era. All and all the mass went well with only a few flubs that I worked thru quickly. I managed to almost throw off my headgear when I made the last of the three grand crosses. Heather on the other hand was absolutely stunning and radiant.

After the mass my local Bishop laid hands and I went through the official ritual of Ordination. This was thoroughly intense. As if the ritual with Heather wasn't intense enough. As part of the ritual I swear to devote myself to the philosophy and propagation of our beliefs as well as attest to my own belief. The Bishop anointed me with abramelin oil on the forehead. I have to admit, mild oil tends to leave a mark. This wasn't mild oil. Later in the evening a brother asked how it felt to be a priest. I replied, "Well, I think the burning has finally stopped."

With the ordination finished we moved into toasts. Heather raised the first toast to Nuit. Then the Bishop toasted us (the priest and priestess). We toasted the children, the deacon, the Bishop, the congregation, and anyone else we could think of. Then it finally came to the point that I'd been planning for about 3 weeks.

I interrupted the toasts to explain how I'd just endured 10 very difficult weeks. Being laid off shortly after Heather moved here, was really not in my overall life-plans. I explained to people how we said to each other, "If we could make it thru {this} we could make it thru anything." I commented about the fact that we are moving into a dream house in two weeks and how I start work in the morning. Most importantly how I would not have been able to do it without the love, friendship, and support of one wonderful woman that I was privileged to share the mass with.

I turned to her, "I am a man among men..." I went down on one knee. (There were gasps from the congregation as the awareness snapped into focus) And I took out the ring that was hidden in the sleeve of my robe. "This ring belonged to my grandmother and her grandmother before her. And I would be honoured and privileged if you'd accept it from me ...." there was other stuff I was trying to say at that point... but I just kind of was getting choked up at that point.

I am, however, happy to report that not only did Heather accept my proposal but her 5 1/2 sized finger seems appreciative of grandma B's small hands.

I'd told Sor. L.O. about it about 3 weeks ago when I decided I was probably going to go thru with it. About 4 days later I told phosteres about it because this weekend is her birthday and I had to give her compelling reasons to change her plans to come to the mass. About a week ago I mailed tailerouge about how things were going and hope I was able to successfully convey my intents because the traditionalist in me wanted to write her parents in some form.

I was 95% sure with the minor rising doubts before mass. When Heather opened the veil of the tomb and I looked into her eyes... all remaining doubt was absolutely gone. It felt as right as the day I realized the Order was something I was going to do. It felt as right as breathing.

I will be posting mass photos as soon as I get them from my Bishop. So here I sit watching BBCAmerica with Heather and typing this entry. nods Here I sit. With my most beautiful, talented and wonderful new priestess... here I sit... an officially, legally recognized member of the clergy of a religion recognized in the US and California. Legal to perform weddings, baptisms, confirmations, last rites..., Here I sit... for the third and final time... engaged. This time... not for anyone else.... not to prove anything... But merely and simply because it is the right thing to do and the right person and the right time...

And me?

Buzzing energy...

Oh, yeah... I have to go back to work tomorrow :)


Edit: How could I forget?!?? seraphino made an awesome Lasagna which was made with meat and fake cheese so I had my first meat Lasagna in YEARS. So it was excellent all around!!!

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Congratulations to both of you!

Holy shit, brother! My heartfelt happiness to you both!

Congratulations, Brother!!!

*blinks again*

That was out of left field. But hey, congratulations to you both and I hope everything continues to go well for you. :)

Congratulations, and I hope things continue to go as well.

Whatg lovely news. Best wishes to you both.

Best of luck to you lovebirds. :) And gratz on the ordination, too!


(Always keep it simple and to the point. :) )

(Deleted comment)

Wow! and more Wow!

Congratulations, Brother! What an extraordinary day.

All I can say is that you and Nuit have one hell of a sense of timing and drama. Way to go!

By the way, I'm glad she accepted. I'd hate to have had to come out there and beat her about the head and shoulders to get some sense into her. *grin*

and that's all I am going to say about that.


I hope you don't mind the intrusion, but I read about your engagement in Andrea's post and I just had to say I'm very happy for you! I sincerely hope this is the right person and the right time for you this time through! I'm VERY happy for you! Good luck w/all your plans and I hope the wedding is a beautiful as it sounds like your engagement was!

Smiling ear to ear for you,

Congrats on your Ordination and your Engagement...

Woohooo to you both!!!! Cheers Brother.

Hugs :)

Wow! Congratulations! :-)

- donna

Sounds like a truly fabulous day! Lots of great big Congratulations!

You have me in tears reading this!
I am so happy for you both, it was apparent to me at NOTOCON that you are so in love with one another!

Holy shit, man!

I think I'd have been less shocked if you'd announced that a very compelling televised sermon by Jerry Falwell had caused you to convert and become a Baptist.

Congratulations, just the same. :)

Congratulations. Since you are big on numbers and Jewish '18'

- Matt


Congratulations Greg! I wish you well in both your success as a Priest and as a husband to be!
I'm glad you found that someone special!


(Yes, that Arthur from Nutmeg)

This is so wonderful! Heather's post almost made me cry. I am all grinny. Great proposal, Brother.

congratulations and can we get together?

You are a very lucky man, and she is a very lucky woman. Lia and I send our blessings!

We still want to hit you up for a little OTO degree secret practice, and a few photographs of us if you have some time in the next couple of days. We are both basically free all day tomporrow and wednesday with a couple of small exceptions...


Re: congratulations and can we get together?

Couldn't find you email. I can spare time either tonight (Wednesday) or Friday or Saturday before inits. Friday is the least favoured of the 3, tonight is best.

You can contact me at
at mac dot com

Noting my LJ username is lordandrei

The entire evening sounds intense, incredible!! It is interesting how sometimes everything just comes together.. congrats to you both. :D

Catching up on your entries while taking a break from the hospital.

Thanks very much for the smile I am now wearing.

Is your religion recognized North of 49?

Well. Now I know why I missed it. You wrote this the weekend of my birthday and I wasn't home and wasn't catching up. ;)

I'm so happy for you both. Seriously. Way big congratulations!!!

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