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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Job followup

After my miniature annoyance attack, I called the HR contact's cell phone to notify them that I needed status on this in as much as I have to followup on other leads until a contract is formalized.

I reached her in the office. She notified me that the delay was twofold. First, the background check was delayed due to the holiday weekend. Secondarily, the information came in after she left the office early yesterday. She came in late today as today was the first day of school for her kids. (Ah, Labour Day, this re-education thing seems to be going around :)

She notified me that the background check was clear. And that the contract was in fact now typed up and going out via fed ex to me today for arrival tomorrow morning. I just need to bring them with me Monday morning when I RETURN TO WORK!

That being said, again... thanks to everyone's support along the way. I am pleased that my offer of resending work energy panned out for my li'l bro, lrstrobel who also went back to school this week. But as a fully employed teacher. Go Ray!!!!

I explained to Heather today that I've been nervous about acknowledging my employment due to some wonderful emotional baggage left over from my father who told us for about 3-5 years about this great job offer they were trying to hammer out for him. For years we tried to get him to apply for other positions because this 'great job' seemed more and more like a fantasy in his own mind.

This summer we discovered the place we are living in is really not big enough for two pack rats like us. Stumbling over things can get very annoying after time and there's just no place to put anything except 'out.' We went to the new place yesterday. The owner was sanding paint off the walls and his significant other was painting shelves with a primer coat. Heather picked out this gloriously beautiful deep pine green to try to capture some of the nature outside our 9 foot patio doors and bring it into the house.

Right now we are in an annoying holding pattern. We are waiting for our storage tomb to be delivered so we can move a bunch of extraneous stuff out of the way for the impending move. At 1 this afternoon, I am taking H to a doctor's appt. to see about getting her a newer model of hearing aids. This evening we have our final mass rehearsal before the BIG day on Sunday. Tomorrow I have rehearsal for a big rite we are performing in Laguna Hills on Saturday. More and more my schedule is looking absolutely insane.

Of course everyone is invited to the Mass on Sunday. It's going to be quite the event. Heather's first time as a priestess and my Ordination as official recognized clergy. Who'd have thunk? And we both have surprises planned for the mass to make the celebration a little unique from what has been done recently in the area.

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Congrats on the job! Congrats on your impending ordination!

Maybe you can now go relax and maybe even spend some money over the weekend.

I bet you're glad you didn't ask your HR being if it was the conviction for trafficking in human slaves that was holding things up.

Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to Massing w/you this weekend.

Thanks, dude. It's nice to know things look up from time to time. :-)


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