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Please note the time...

TYPICALLY: it takes me 40 minutes to drive from our camp of the Golden Lotus to my home after midnight. Even with a stop off and drop off in Fullerton, it shouldn't have been more than an hour. I left Fullerton at 1:15 am. Tonight I learned the true horrors that can occur on an L.A. freeway... and this wasn't even L.A.

A tractor trailer overturned at Carmenita Dr in Norwalk. The truck dumped several gallons of toxic and dangerous goo all over the north-bound highway. It took me three hours to drive 1.5 miles. Once I finally got to the Carmenita exit 4 lanes of traffic were being merged off the freeway to discover the twilight joys of Norwalk, California.

The horror of this was the amount of drink I'd bought in Fullerton to keep myself awake and the 2 hours of teeth-clenching traffic jam I sat thru, praying that there was a rest room at the first exit after the traffic. Actually once dumped onto the detour of streets I discovered that there was in fact no rest room at the first gas station. More properly, "I don' have that key to give out."

I'd like to add to my personal 8th circle of hell (the one where the damned is immersed in excrement) People who lie about restroom availability to those obviously in need of one.

Well, the time is now 5am. I need to be awake in 4 hrs to prep for todays ritual work. At least it's not like anyone important might be there... oh yeah.... right.. I forgot...

Grymble,, zzznzz... mrowr

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