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I took a day off to let it all sink in...
    It hasn't.. it probably won't.

10 weeks and 2 days ago, I was given the interesting surprise that the company had decided a major portion of my team was no longer necessary. For the second time since moving to California, I was suddenly jobless.

2 days ago I got a verbal offer. Yesterday I sent in the forms that let them do a background check on me. (I hate that part) So, currently I am waiting for a contract to be issued. This is a very scary time between thinking you have a job and knowing you have one. So at this point I'd say I am about 95% re-employed.

But, that is not all. A local friend in a coven that we tend to visit a lot also had a house for rent. I say had because it is absolutely perfect. The house is roughly a 15 minute commute to the new office. It is also 15 minutes to the OTO body I mentioned earlier this week. But that is not even the start of it. First off, it has the most incredible view through nature to L.A. in the distance. It is halfway between downtown Pasadena and China Town. Which means it's also close to Little Tokyo, the Garment District, Glendale, and lots of other cool places. It's about 180% the size of the place we are currently living in. And above all, the rent is roughly the same but this time utilities are included.

We hope to have the place with DSL before we move in, the place has a dish which means I can watch my Steelers games!!!! We will probably be getting a cat. (I haven't had a cat in a while) The place has ample space for Heather's art, my computer, and books. Lots of books. Also, it has room to entertain people. So gatherings are possible.

So, I've begun to make some changes. I am officially announcing version 2.0 of my LJ site. I've done an overhaul to the look and feel. (I too have jumped on the component bandwagon and must humourously and ironically admit that I did not know about chite's new design until mine was almost finished. My new design is open for comment and bug reports.

So more stuff coming.... really. Life has been ... good :)

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