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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

More on the job

I'm going to be sending thank-yous to everyone who posted... and as per request, please levy all remaining and future job acquisition energy at lrstrobel

I am not going to go into specific details about the job at this time as I am currently waiting on paperwork from the company (so, while close to the end of my journey, there's still one or two more steps.)

The job is in Pasedena (Yes home of the Rose Bowl and similarly named Parade). This is approximately 25 minutes west of where I live. I also would be traveling opposite from rush hour so, the commute will pretty much go down by about 70%

This will also put me about 1/4 the distance from the OTO body that I currently serve as an officer.

I will be doing Mac Software Engineering. So, I'm still in the same trade. I have had to take a pay-cut of about 6.5%

(Yes, we love this economy :-P )

And there may be more details later :)

thanks again....

Edit:Corrected some terminology to aleviate confusion

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Congrats! I'm dealing with a very long bout of unemployment myself. And 6.5% isn't bad. My Sir just took about a 50% paycut (though he went from contracting to perm....but still....what they are paying him is ridiculous for his level of experience.) At least one of us is working now.

the OTO chapter that I currently serve as an officer.

Can you email me re: this? I'm at luxuria@synchronous-city.com

C'est moi! And adding you to my friend's list.

Sorry, Sis. I believe he meant to say "Camp", not "Chapter".
Congrats on your new job, Andrei!!!!

A plesant reminder for typing on the run.

I am an officer of Blue Horizon Camp, I was using chapter in the generic referring to bodies. You'd have to ask someone else if you are looking for chapters.

Dude, I didn't mean to troll for pity, but thanks for the thought. Hope this new opportunity turns into something you really like.

Dude, not trolling at all :!)

Hey, more than glad to watch out for each other. You've been there for me on more than one occassion. Glad to send all my energy your way.

Best of luck and thanks again for the support.

Best of luck,

I knew most of the people in that dept. when I worked there. If any of them are still around I'll say hi through you.

Hopefully the changes you remarked on will REALLY exist in that dept. The larger company had some serious problems when I left. I hope your tenure will be fruitful.

Agape and gongrats!

^_^ I'm really glad that you landed a gig.

is that you found ANOTHER job in MAC software engineering ;) good job. 6.5 is nothing dude. buy less garb or something. you can swing it :)

Good times with the new job bro!!! I'll be seeing you this weekend!!!



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