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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Life changes...

As of September 8th I will be employed again full time. I received an official offer as of 4pm today. Pending paperwork but all looks better.

Thanks to all who sent positive energy and well wishes.

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Would this new employment require a move of some sort?


Love you bro....CONGRATS!

Agape and congratulatory hugs,


To Quote Einstein


Fabulous! Always good to hear a friend is once again employed.

Yay! I'm happy for you, congratulations.

93. Congrat's, but I never doubted something good coming to you quickly. How many days did you take? 93s.

Congratulations! Who's the lucky company?

Great news. Even when things are on an even keel, not having a job when one wants to is unnerving. So is this the right job or a good, right-now job (both are good, just wondering)

Congratulations! I could use some of that positive energy myself. :-)

That makes me feel better. I have been tired of hearing everyone's negative stories so much recently. I told you that you wouldn't be out of a job for too long didn't I ;) So are you going to break the secret and tell us where?

Yay for you!
Okay, send those vibes over here now - gootmu still needs a job.

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