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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

what a weekend

Here is the short form:

Friday: Saw the US Coupling show shoot episode 3 with the Giggle Loop

Saturday: LVX Oasis of OTO presents Rite of Venus. Utterly awesome. Drank too much. Rare opportunity to see Drunken Andrei. Went home. Got sick for the third time in my life on alcohol

Sunday: Out driving, relaxing, Evil-vampire-Willow and Series 3 UK coupling. Oh yes, ended the night with a 3.2 earthquake about 35 km nw of here. Just a teeny rumbler. Heather will be unhappy to hear that she slept thru it. ;)

Pushing thru LJ writer's block. Maybe more soon

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Man.. you mean I slept through my first earthquake.. or just didn't feel it even if I was awake.. This bites!

Not an earthquake per se

Those are just the background movements. There is a quake of that size almost daily somewhere along the pacific coast.

They just report them now more then they used to do.

4.5-5.x and above is when you KNOW your in an earthquake. First one I was in I thought it was the initial blast effect from a nuclear bomb...very scary. After 7.6 and above all animals go into a panic state regardless of character. That's when cars end up in trees.

I also remember up north when I saw a WAVE go through a concrete parking lot! Very impressive to say the least. The after shocks tend to be freakier because your not sure how bad they are going to get but you know they will happen.

Then there is the Montana quake that just happened a day or two ago. Much scarier because they say that area is due for a cataclysmic volcanic explosion along the old faithful region... just a question of when.


"Rare opportunity to see Drunken Andrei."

Bad Andrei! Refine thy rapture, Bro.

And only three times?

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