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I haven't made a lot of posts recently. That overwhelm demon has about 4 started posts with topics including summarizing Notocon, what actually happened in that mythical place known as 306, my views on gay marriage, and trying to set the record straight (well maybe not straight, but definitely not narrow) on where I stand on polyamory.

So, with all that looming over my head, and Heather looming into my shoulders... No really, she gives an awesome massage which is only mildly slowing me down as I grin from ear to ear (she is chuckling to read this as I type)... anyway, despite all that I found the motivation and time to write a post to one of my communities that I typically ignore. (Finding myself unable to ignore Heather, I pause in this entry for a little while...)

I have this penchant for making communities and then wandering off. The communities gain popularity, but really don't need a list-mommy about to make sure they stay on track. One such community is coupling. This community was formed to discuss a very funny British sitcom that is currently showing on BBC America. this past year, NBC announced that it will be bringing an American version to its fall line-up.

Today, I finally satisfied a goal of the past 3 months. I got tickets to see a taping of the US program. To anyone local to L.A. if they are interested in joining me this Friday (or on another night if the show turns out to be worth watching, I definitely invite along. I can probably get more tickets to see a show taping.

Granted, over on the community journal, there has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth (pronounced "Guh-nashing") over how NBC will destroy the supreme and divine purity of the British program. I've seen a few clips. I decided that I firmly disagree with everyone who is convinced that it's not worth watching the show because it had an original incarnation as a British programme. I posted here to remind myself that I am fairly proud of the post I made today in coupling on this topic.

Granted, on my own community I must give absolute thanks to jnanacandra who has figured out how to comprehend the blather I type and help me turn it into something readable rather than something listenable. She came up with the use of the word 'compromise' in my bottom line paragraph. I was so thrilled that it better captured my thinking than what I'd typed, that I promised to credit her for it.

To understand the post only requires the knowledge that NBC is producing an American version of a British Sitcom. They are using the same scripts and have merely recast and retooled some jokes for American actors. Most people feel this is a very bad idea. Personally, I took an entirely different opinion of it.

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