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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

day 1, redding ca

525 miles, 10 hours and we are in Redding, California. Mt. Shasta is about 80 miles north of us and it's almost 3 mi peak is already clearly visible.

We have tuckered in at a Motel 6(66). "I'm Tom Bealzebub, and we'll leave a black candle burning."

The drive was interesting. We got in about 20 minutes ago. Heather is recolouring her hair and I watched the end of MIB II.

Another 6 hr drive tomorrow and then is portland. Tired... Night all.

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From here on out...

it gets really beautiful. That view of Shasta comes and goes, growing awesomely at the last. Lake Shasta is no slouch either - just ask Chris. Be sure to wave at Ashland as you go by - or went by, as the case most likely is.

Envy dwells within my heart.

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