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3pm day 1 with COWS

These will be shorter posts as I am on the mobile client. Which is like a web browser on the barbie laptop (thanks peter for that name)

Saw mrlogic last night. He and his girls introduced Heather and I to the Buffy board game. Despite his girl's penchant for creatively interpreting the rules on behalf of good it was a refreshingly entertaining game. I played as evil against everyone else. It was interesting because Heather was playing Oz and evil summoned Veruca and we wound up in one round biting each other. Heehee

Got the car filled up and on the road by 11:30. Stopped at aaa yesterday for a triptik. At this point we're up in fresno county (shudder). By a strange irony in about an hour we'll be near Alameda.

We just passed a farm with about ... Um... A whole f&^%load of cows. Thousands at least. Very impressive.

More later....

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