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Growl spit MODF

Had been writing a big catch up post today covering a multitude of topics. Sadly, there was the extreme case of MODF.

MODF: My Own Damned Fault.

I left the file on the the desktop of my beta OS system for several hours unsaved. Then I attempted a networking stunt known to hose the OS. Forgetting this fact of course.

Well, the networking app froze. It took the finder down with it. This was shortly followed by all running apps and then the horror to all mac users. The real test of a hosed system. SSH? Nah... Cursor freeze? Nah...

The clock stopped.

Well, maybe the network trauma will time out and I will wrest my system back from the depths with my unsaved pearls of prose in tact.

Then my beta OS decided to give me the finger. Locked beyond usage... it auto restarted. As a kind gesture to say... "We want your os to get back as quickly as possible! Aren't we cool"

My file disappeared into the volatile RAM void. Yay code. gah.

As I said.... MODF... No one to blame but me.

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