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What love is... Or the day ahead...

I am standing at gate A7 at Burbank airport. In my folder is a mishmash of finely organized chaos. I am off to interview at the company in Alameda.

My folder includes:
My bording pass, an overview of the qt programming language, a map from the airport to the company, my script to saturday's rite of sol, and my study guide to my recently initiated degree.

I have all the numbers at the company and my itinerary in my sidekick.

I got up this morning, showered and shaved for the second time in 12 hrs. (owwwie!!!!!), pulled my new business-wear, and transfered all the data to my folder and side kick.

Heather awoke with me early (we didn't get home from mass until about 11:30 last night.) I drove to the airport. The sidekick at my side behind the parking break.

Airport, fond hugs, no luggage, thru security. Then I see the sign...

"Have you picked up all your posessions." and like a movie I can see the photograph clearly. The sidekick... Still in the car behind the brake and heather halfway back to Sherman Oaks.

Itinerary, phone numbers, address, cell phone, watch, and aol instant messenger. Not a good way to start.... Even the new phone number at the house that I haven't memorized yet.

On a lark I try calling the phone. I figure... It's got a soft ring, the car is loud... There's no way she'll hear it. And even if she does...

Resigned, I figure I can muddle thru the day. I pick up some chips and a diet snapple raspberry iced tea (yum). Then I hear it.

"Andrei Tapo.. Please meet your party at the ticketing counter." You know... Many people have ragged on me that I have opted to transform my sca name into my nickname into the primary name. But I gotta be honest. I would not have even registered a page for "G--- Tapo."

Like a bat out'a hell I sprinted the length of the airport. And yes, I am standing here looking at the wall of the airport.

Heather had noticed it and was figuring out whether or not it was possible or worth trying to get it to me. She heard the ring and was already heading back to page me.

Some may call this codependence. I disagree. I view this as two people who've tuned into each other and know what will help and what is good for each other. I could have survived without and wouldn't have even expected her to bring it to me. But it is awesome that she did.

I love her so much knowing that she did this for me, I love her for knowing even if she hadn't or we couldn't that all would have been fine. I am lucky and blessed to be with her. And above all very happy.

I am going there to nail an interview so that I am in contro of the bargaining and negotiation phase.

Wish me fortune, for I feel lady luck is on my side... Her name is Heather and she is awesome :)

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