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At the tone the time will be "Bzzt - Loser"

A yahoo user just spammed me with a conversation from someone else:

(7/20/03 6:40:46 PM): SomeOtherYahooUser (7/20/03 11:46:28 AM):
hey all of you stupid people that believe that the stuff about yahoo deleting acounts. itisnt true, and the pepole that have been "deleted" people paid to stay off yahoo for a while i'm the hell was dumb enough to start that retarded chian letter but any way it isnt ****ing true!!!! so stop sending it to people its just a damn chain letter ment to be broken box 1
lordandrei@yahoo: Unsolicited broadcast messages are not appreciated from strangers. You have 2 minutes to argue your case for not being permanently blocked.
YahooUser: OK
YahooUser: WHAT I DO NOW?
YahooUser: SEND THEM?
lordandrei@yahoo: Explain why you felt justified to broadcast spam about spam to a complete stranger.
YahooUser: HUH........
YahooUser: I'M OK?
lordandrei@yahoo: Automated note: <Your account has been blocked from sending this user any further messages. Please try again when you are older.>

Now I realize that having a nice paste list of random comments like this really isn't going to help in the long run. But sometimes it is cathartic to basically tell people to screw off ;)

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