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fututama, simpsons, and other cartoons

Whedon in 5 minutes. Some cartoons to watch for: Game Over with Patrick Warburton, futurama is now on cartoon network and tbs. They are hoping to produce more. Simpsons... Groening has no intention of ever ending the series. And then there is cartoon networks 2 new entries:

Duck Dodgers. Guys, this is funny. Bob berger is an amazing Porky and the voice artis for Daffy is amazing. CN is also starting a new teen titans (premiering tonight) with a real anime j-pop feel. It's aimed at 7-8 yr olds but looks good for all. The theme (a singable superhero theme song) is by "Puffy" a japanese group.

Also shown was an unaired futurama that was uproariously hilarious with a redone theme with the voice artist who does bender adding in a beatbox sound and billy west on additional vocals. Very hot.

Whedon in 3 minutes more soon.

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