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2 down 2 to go...

I was a good boy today and didn't buy anything in the dealer's room. Heather spent the money today... She will post at her own time ;)

I went to the voice tryouts. I hate to say, it truly, TRULY sucked. The room was not big enough for everyone who showed and the old voice artists who did it, brought up groups of 10-15 to try to pick out a voice for a circa 50's cartoon caracture.

This seminar was made further annoying by an audience member I hate to admit remembering for last year's voice sessions. This guy was probably the class clown everyone hated. He acts like every session he is in is merely a vehicle for his audition. Every question is answered with a loud, inappropriate silly voice. Even (and especially) the ones not directed to him or the audience.

I got autographs today from Mark "V" Singer. I had a short chat with Mark "Groosalug" Lutz, and had a nice short chat and signing with Robia "Jenny Calendar" LaMorte. Who in person looks younger than Charisma Carpenter did at the time 'Jenny' appeared on the show.

I went to a farscape forum. Of the cast, chriton, cries/pilot, scorpious, zaan, and rigel were there. As well as ben browder's wife, one other actor I didn't recognize and the writer. Richard... Something. Gosh look at my fan level. I liked the show... It was just not scheduled where I could catch it all the time. The panel was infectious and fun. Browder called 'aeyrn' on his cell phone and the crowd left a grand amount of cheering as a message. Missing were her as well as anthony simcoe and gigi edgely. Farscape fanatics, please do not reply with corrections. I am on the sidekick and am just as capable of looking up imdb too :)

We were hoping to hit the Mark Hammel panel on his new flik "Comic Book, the Movie" but we also needed food. By the time we got back the major hall was SRO and no one was getting in.

shoeboxbird and her friend Rob who are sharing the hotel with us made a photo finish to the registration line and got there at 7, just before they closed.

We opted not to stay for Spike & Mike's twisted. We came back and Heather and I coiled on the couch and caught the second half of Spider-man on HBO. And crashed.

Well it's 8:30am on Saturday now...

There is a lot of good looking stuff today. This includes the good voice session with James Alberg, a Kevin Smith session, Joss Whedon, Buffy and Angel writers, the new Duck Dodgers cartoon series, and of course the masquerade. There will also be an LJ get together at the mezanine level at 6pm. I am hoping they will post this.

So much to see and do... And well... Whatever else.

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