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Day 2, comic-com

Currently, it is raining while we wait for the shuttle to the con from the hotel. I am wiping the sidekick screen as I type.

Well, we left Wednesday headed for San Diego and comic-con 2003. Heather has 9 pieces of art on display in the art show. We left at about 12:30 but hit an impressively small amount of traffic. We got there at 4, parked at the con centre ($8 ka-ching) and brought the art in.

This was my first time at any con with someone showing something. Granted, finding your way around on preview day is tricky. We got in and heather went into what I can only refer to battle mode. Heather had laid out the arrangement at home on the floor. That much wasn't bad. My job was to fetch clips and hold wire and in general stay the f&^$ out of the way.

Having been in pre-show as a director... I know the feeling.

We got our badges and went to the dealers room. Now, believe it or not... We were there for about 2 hrs. We wandered 15 rows and that covered about 10% of the floor show. I mean this thing is fricking huge. I spent another 4 hrs yesterday in there and still only covered about 50%

I didn't attend many seminars. I saw a promo for a new cable channel in search of a cable distributor. Anime network. And I went to a class for actors to help them get hired. This was a surprisingly great class. I approached it as a director. This put me slightly ahead of the curve.

Afterwards we chatted with the teacher for about an hour in a smaller surrounding.

Well, so far I have managed to spend slightly too much money on dvd's and vids. (anime and 70's tv) I have also purchased a script from the final buffy. I only talked to on actor on the autograph circuit. Danny Strong, who played Jonathon on BtVS. I have an idea for a book... Again. Maybe I will explore this one. Shrug.

It's nice not to think about work... But I must go back soon. Today's classes include a voice workshop with demo reel given to participants (YUMMMMM!)

Well, we are about to turn left onto Harbour Drive and are 2 blocks from the con center. Day 2... Here we go....

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