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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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1.) Alameda called and I will be flying up in a little over a week for a one day on location interview

2.) I am actually serious about the blogathon and am shooting for sponsors.

3.) I have discovered if you take a two-three week break... People stop reading your journal :) Remember, you are only as important as the frequency with which you post.

4.) Most people are unlikely to go beyond the green doo the LJ -CUT

Okay... no more punchy posts ;)

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well some of us do go beyound LJ cut.... and some of us get too lazy to post also. But some of us do read others :)

Besta luck on the job hunt...

Continue to be punchy... ;)

Some people, perhaps. :-)

Do people actually drop inactive journals from their reading lists? To me those are the ones I'm most likely to keep around -- I mean, the load is light and if they ever do come back, I'd want to know that.

nono, we sure are readin'
its just so very rarely that we have anything even remotely intelligent to say back *grin*

I think they shoot straight for the LJ. We want what we can't easily have.

Now, I want one of those South Park icons... I want to make one for myself.

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