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Okay, this is just going too far...

I take this from the department of, "The internet needs a time-out"

I received a (serious) posting thru a mailing list that there is now a Yahoo group for:
Southern Californian Jews who practice BDSM.

I think the day has come where we are individualizing to the point where people think that the internet can find us our mirror image.

I think I should start a group for "Polyamourous, Ceremonial Magickians, who have come to terms with their Jewish Roots, and have a penchant for Cons, though they are in SCA and IRC recovery and have been toying with the idea of plunging into the world of furries, even though dress up seems dumb to them." By the way, this would only be for people in Southern California.

Now, don't get me wrong... I have complete respect for the SCJBDSM. I could even go to a meeting or two. I think my problem lies when you decide to cross over multiple groups that really have no reason to discriminate.

I mean, Okay, SoCal is a location. BDSM is an activity. But, I mean, is there special focussed conversation on the Judaic end of BDSM? Do we need to discuss why "Oy" is a stronger safeword than, "Jesus H. Christ!." I mean, I know that we're not supposed to beat on the Sabbath as some might consider that work. "Why is this night different from all other nights? Tonight, we svitch and I hold de riding crop."

From this is where we got "Nuke the Gay Whale for Jesus"

So of course in reflection I am of two minds. On one hand, I might want to talk specifically with someone about similarities... but on the other, I think a group with multiple specialties is going to prove to be very disappointing.

*shrugs* It's late, I'm tired... Muchly work to do before comic con.

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