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From a private post by rosequartz1963

There is a website that will read a paid (perm, early) user's public posts and capsulize it into neo-poetry.

The results are sometimes scary and other times, completely surreal. then there are times you just hit reload and say, "Well, that was crap."

The web site is:{Your LJ NAME} (No braces)

Here are some of my results:

Bad Andrei! Well. Inside will be too hip for
money is. I have come and food with himself or
me: or financial me at watch, last night. Life my
activities Area, I will figured, My brain has

Do had a bit of you? More as enjoyable; letter
writing; a namshubwriter nixiekitten
prettyoctopussy and Hulk but she has been
much for the big one I asked; him. My fabric
that we'd intentionally, left in hrs. And I guess I
went down and the keynote called the
geography, Alameda, is roughly miles north.
Both doing well; en route to head back up there
a chance to hire Andrei: I found a vintage room.

I have a private journal I don't talk about... er... ever. It's for when I'm feeling dark. It's so I can yell and rant, and get out the darkness when it bubbles. This way I don't whine here anymore.

This was a summary from that journal:

Hmph, the paragon of girls: I see hir: arms. The
potential emotions that life where sie wants:
to become Puppies. It. I me too! I am I am me.


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