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Andrei in the office


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Enslin colour

The most amazing two posts I've read

While LJ surfing after an excruciating, (yet satisfying) 13 hour day at work I discovered a new LJ. wild_mind

Tonya has found the most mentally stimulating questions, experiences, and occurrences, on LJ. I responded to her (at the time) most recent post because I found personal relevance immediately.

Then I read the preceding, one:
As everyone in my social circle damn well knows. LJ is a frighteningly powerful magickal place. In the past month I have had wonderful conversations and interactions start up with people who it was pretty well agreed on would never happen in Millions of years. I'm so glad for the opportunity, to bring these people back into my life and further to get closer to people I knew vaguely but not as well as I would like to. It's kept me close to people that I might have otherwise lost.

I don't know what force it is that combines journal, with chat room, with the freedom of exposing your soul. But I read this...It is two links.... It's almost impossible to believe....It's almost an urban legend in action...but it's just too real. All of us have seen every urban legend from the dying boy asking the net for a penny each to the pyramid schemes. If this is...it's one of the best one's I've seen. Because I'm actually willing to give it credibility. It's very intense...it's very scary.... You have been warned.

This is the link.

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Those links pulled me right from the core. Had it not been for the obituary link - and the people on LJ who did know her personally, I'd have had trouble believing it.

Thanks for the accolades.. ;)

The obituary and the way things were mentioned was what really hit me.

Well, out here in the wonderful city of angels it is now 1:20am. And while my long day at work has afforded me an hour or so of come in late time; the bed is defintiely beckoning. I look forward to LJ-tag in the future. It was a very interesting conversation tonight.

If you are on AIM. Feel free to message anytime. I am basically on the net all day for work. Also 'lordandrei' there.


A late night conversation...

As I was getting ready to pack it in. sk4p logged onto AIM from getting back from LoR. I told him to look. His initial comment was:
"Holy hell"

My response:
Tell me that there isn't something unbelievably powerful about this forum. It's unbelievable. I mean this stuff happens. But to see it. Know it's real...come that close to touching it...And then to see the reaction of so many complete strangers. It makes the personal bickering between friends so frighteningly petty. It really makes you value those you are close to far more.

Shawn:Oh God yes.

Me: I mean...Cripes. I'm thinking to myself...what if it had been one of us?

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