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Phone interviews and catching up

Well, Thursday I had a phone interview with the tech lead at the company in Alameda, CA. Friday, I had a followup call from the HR department. Both calls went incredibly well.

Sadly, for those who don't know the geography, Alameda is roughly 357 miles North West and this equates out to a 7 hr drive for Mass in Glendale. So, if this turns out to be my only offer, I will be joining a slew of colleagues who live in the Bay Area. (Waves to bk2w, desdemona612, jd5p, kimberly_a, namshubwriter, nixiekitten, prettyoctopussy, and anyone else I've missed) At least I know people up there.

I'm still shooting for an offer from my old company.

In other news, Heather has just gotten her EGC baptism and is currently unconscious in bed. She will no doubt report on this soon :)

I am going to begin my concerted effort to get caught up in LJ. I am going to go thru my list one by one (in my personal choice order) and read back for the past month for each person and community. This means you may get an odd response to something you posted about weeks ago. Or not.

This weekend I have two masses. One I am attending and one I am Deaconing for.

Oh yes, I guess I should make the public admission. I have been all approved and given the go-ahead. September 7th I will be performing the role of the Priest for Mass and afterwards I will be officially Ordained as a Priest in the EGC Clergy.

Yay, spirituality. Yay, Magick.

So where is my killer job offer from Apple?

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