Andrei Freeman (lordandrei) wrote,
Andrei Freeman

LJ+Blog = Fundraiser

93 all.

So there is a web site called "Blogathon" Basically, you blog for 24 hrs. (I believe at least twice an hour) and raise sponsors for a charity / non-profit. This will occur on Saturday, July 26th beginning at 6 am Pacific.

I decided to participate in this year's Blogathon and request my sponsors send it to my church.

There is more info on the Blogathon available at their main website. You will need to sign up on the site to register as a sponsor, but I am given the idea that the only mail you will receive will be at the end of the event to request you send your donation.

The target blog that I will be aiming at will be my own (lordandrei)

Once registered you can sponsor me at the Pledge Page

You can choose to make your pledge completely anonymous (visible only to the administrators), visible only to me (and the administrators), or visible to everyone.

Extra wrinkle: Saturday, July 26th is our local performance of The Rite of Eleusis; The Rite of Sol. We will be performing the Musical, "Jesus Christ, Super Sol" of which I am playing Judas (Leo). I am not sure how the logistics will work out with that... But it will be amusing (or there will be a team blogger to take over for the 2 hrs during the performance.

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