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A sense of Zen... At the end of day J-38

It's 12:55 am and I'm writing a post...

I just got out of seeing Finding Nemo. I'm at an Apple dev thing, so I might as well go see Steve's new movie. In truth, I was planning on seeing Hulk but got to the theatre at 9:50 and Hulk started at 10... So I opted for something else. But let me back up a bit...

Today was the first day of heavy code. I finished loading Panther (10.3) on my laptop. Then the CD Rom drive died. :-( Fortunately, I wasn't the only person with this problem. So... The other person had transfered the dev tools to a disc image, and now I have those too. Seminars today included Unix tools on the Mac and Open GL. My brain got kinda full.

Dinner was spent with the old team again. I met a slew of other people who used to work for the black & gold yin-yang and had a fun evening at the Metreon. They have a killer arcade and it turns out Tuesday is "All you can play for $10" In the back they had a 'vintage' room. I played "Donkey Kong, Frogger, and Altered Beast" (I got absolutely slaughtered on A.B., but it was a killer to hear, POWER UP. MAME is fun, but still not like the real thing. Sadly the original Space Invaders and Tron machines were dead.

Some co-workers played "Dance Dance Revolution" which I have only tried once and swore never to do again. I tried it the last time I was in S.F. at the Metreon. I couldn't keep up. I found a game called HyperBowl and bowled a pretty good game in the streets of San Francisco, but I sucked in Tokyo. I played Capcom vs. Marvel and clobbered the LiveUpdate guy from my old team.

After dinner, I headed up to the aforementioned theatre. I figured my choices were Nemo and Bruce Almighty. The rather perky guy behind the counter who said, "Welcome to the theatre and Happy Tuesday!" I asked him which film of the two he recommended. He told me that he wasn't allowed to make recommendations or comments. He then went on to tell me however if he could make recommendations then they'd probably lean toward Nemo.

Good call. Nemo was excellent. I'd put it above Monster's, Inc. Probably in a close heat with TS2. Somehow I'm going to see if I can drag Heather to it. We'll see ;)

Right now it is 1:18. I've just spoken with Fraser of xjournal and we're going to see if we can figure out the compilation problems with WebKit and the runtime problems under Panther. I'll be talking to Apple Dev Relations tomorrow for some hints.

Mean time... I'm not exactly tired, so I'm going to pull out my old CP application and see what I can figure out under the new IDE.

Night all...
Tomorrow is another day...

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