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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

j-40, a little annoyed

Firstoff, I had this really cool post I wrote in the baggage claim, but the sidekick flakes on ocassion so I lost it.

I am reminded of the song 25 or 6 to 4. But this isn't insomnia. In 2.5 hrs I need to be out the door to head for registration.

It's been a long day...

I performed an EGC mass today at the camp of the Golden Lotus. It went fairly well with a small number of attendees. At least I got to do the mass in front of the Bishop that I am training under.

I know 2 distinct mistakes that I made. But I covered quickly enough. Thus my state as a novitiate. Ordination is still a ways off and requires me to accomplish some other requirements first.

We had a great time at the church after mass. Heather took me to the airport and stayed with me for about half an hour. For the record, I really love her, very much. And she, I. She went back to the church after leaving me at the airport. I must admit I am holding a very small smidge of jealousy at bay. :)

The flights were flights. I had a 2 hr layover in vegas. I won $54 off a video slot after two spins. So money is coming in...

Now, here I am. 2:37am... WWDC kicks off at 10am (registration at 7am) and this is my big chance. Now is when I have to make it count.

And I am nervous. I have resumes (of which I found a spelling error in the next to the last line in the activities area). I am worried that it was unwise to mention that I am an ordained deacon and novitiate priest in my activities area.

I am hoping for the big prize. Mac dev in L.A. For a little more than I made at my last job. I'd be willing to manage...i'd be willing to do java... Sadly, I'm even willing to consider the north. But I wouldn't be thrilled.

I do (for the 5th time, albeit 3rd serious time) have a resume in at Apple.

Life is weird and scary right now. Being up for nearly 22 hrs straight does that to you. As always... My spirits are what keeps me going. I just need to keep them up and stay positive.

Everyone who's been dropping notes and comments... Everyone who's been asking how it's going.... This has done more for me than you can imagine. As long as I can stay focussed I know I can land another job within 40 days.

Above all has been Heather. She has been my light and strength and joy and happiness thru this. I love her and treasure her.

Love to all who have been supportive.

Wish me luck. This is the big one today!

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someone once told me ...luck is what you make of it. My thought are with you. Good luck.

(So you don't like java either?)

Definitely good luck to you! Get a job you'll love :)

You don't have anything to worry about.

Look at how things have lined themselves up for you. Just because you don't see the end of the tunnel yet, there's definitely a light. Just wait and see....

Shesh... I am away for a week and so much has changed *gasp*.

Did you get fired or what?

Hugs and good luck....

(feels very out of the loop *laughs*)

I know I say it an aweful lot but hey hun.. hang in there! Good luck!

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