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43 days and counting

So, first off, what's with the number?

I figured, I'd tell myself that I could get myself a new job in 45 days (1 1/2 months). Many of you may scoff at that, especially in Fuhrer Bush's economy.

But here was today:
I tweaked my resume to current status. It will be up on a web site by tomorrow.
I picked up new business cards, they rock.

I went to Santa Monica and joined members and ex-members of the team for our weekly Friday lunch. This was nice, we actually got to talk. Tuesday it was very much, here are your papers, leave from the upper mgmt.

I took about 2 hrs after lunch talking to people on site, saying goodbye, inquiring of new divisions. Boxing a little. Then I found it...

My Hire letter from Symantec, dated 1/29/01. Note, I was laid off from TGCC on 1/2/01... So we're talking 27 days from layoff to hire.

I think 45 days is reasonable... :)

I'll post the web link, resume link, and business card very soon.

Keep sending good vibes and energy!

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