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Unemployment in California

It would seem that the cap is $370 a week for anyone who makes over 38,376.04

For those who complain the the government is trying to help the rich and hurt the poor. Personally, I take this more as the government is trying to punish anyone who has fallen from a high pay.

Capped unemployment income is $19,240 / year.

The UI program benefits the individual and the local community. Payments made directly to the individual ensure that at least some of life's necessities such as food, shelter and clothing can be met while looking for work. For the most part UI benefits are spent in the local community, which helps sustain the economic well being of local businesses.

My rent, without food or clothing exceeds my capped unemployment income.

Note however: The award shown is you maximum UI award benefit for this claim. The maximum award is 26 times the weekly benefit amount.

So you can get up to 1/2 year. Or... 9620.

For everyone that made cracks about my salary and what I can and can't afford. Have a nice day.

Fortunately, I have severance. Secondarily... I will have a job in 44 days.

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