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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

A Simple Statement

Effective today I have been laid off from my company. I will be accessible via AIM. There may be delays in my response.

Unlike my usual practices. A followup to this post will come within the next 24 hrs.

Thank you.

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Well, shit. 'Thanks for breaking your neck for us over these past few months to achieve this launch. Now fuck off.'

I really have to get out of this industry, it just makes me ill.

I'm sorry to hear this.. best wishes for the new search.

Well fuck. I'm sorry to hear that, Andrei, here's to finding a new, BETTER job very quickly.

I'm very sorry to hear such awful news, brightest blessings for a new and even better position...soon.

<kyle> shit, dude - that sucks ass! </kyle>

best of luck turning it around quickly.

ok hmm I knew I never actually bought they're software for a reason grrr dumb asses. they need you so bad they call you in on your days off push like hell then poof bye that is so not cool.

holy cow. well nothing like bad news on top of bad news. i am here for ya, bro.

Dude, i'm sorry. I didn't get a response from you before we had to leave, so I figured you were okay.


Sorry to hear this.

***HUGS*** That totally sucks! If there's anything I can do, let me know.

Sorry to hear. Best of luck on your search, and may it be a damn short one.

Well, suck!
You and gootmu should talk - although he's not as bitter over the situation, it was similar - rush to finish project, push it out door, oops no money bye-bye!

I'm so sorry Andrei. I tell you, It's one hell of a dog eat dog world out there. The lack of loyalty or appreciation is just mind numbing. I wish you the best of luck in your networking and job search!

HUGS I'm so sorry hon. That totally sucks!!!! I hope you find a job that appreciates you real soon.

Oy. Andrei, I'm sorry! That sucks.

- donna

hugsssssssss brother....

I feel for you....the job will happen.
Time to do the magick eh?
So mote it be.


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