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So, I think they are sending me to San Francisco

The office has decided to send me to WWDC, the big killer Mac developers convention in San Francisco (as opposed to San Jose) where it used to live. I've been begging the company to send me since I started with them 2 years ago. (I haven't gone in 3 years).

Seems great, eh? The hitch is, they pay for the admission (It's like $1500) and I don't need to take PTO. But, I need to pay for everything else out of pocket. Transportation, lodging, and food.

Fun, fun, fun.

So, Here it is... I'm up in SF from late Sunday June 22 (Yeah, you're getting as much warning as I am) until Friday the 27th. I'm at the conference during the day. But, if anyone wants to see me, (or even offer lodging) I'll be glad to spring for some meals (as it becomes a tax write off on some levels)

Drop a line so I can schedule visitations and the like :)

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