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Meme Time: My first interview

hee hee hee :)

The current meme du week is interview tag. Someone gets interviewed and then you can ask that person to interview you.... So if anyone want's an interview, feel free to comment and request in my journal. If anyone else would like to interview.... leave 5 questions in my journal. :)

From the home office at Casadeclover... soon to be casadechaos; courtesy of shaktiqueen

My interview questions: (My side comments on the question are in italics)

1. What is the difference between OTO and Thelema

Wow... What a way to start. Note: this answer is how I see it and as always the real truth of Thelema is that "Your milage may vary..."

Thelema is a philosophy that has grown out of the writings of Crowley (that may or may not have originated by his hand or may or may not have been the result of him channeling something bigger. As I read it, the philosophy, "Do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law" is actually an older philosophy that is even seen in such examples as Shakespeare "... an in all things, to thine own self be true." This was how I found the philosophy I was already living.

The OTO is an initiatory fraternity for people who share an interest in studying thelema and often do so thru practice of solitary and group ritual. The group rituals often take the form of dramatic ritual. The framework of the OTO is based on Masonic tradition, but is only linked now to masonry, by weak parallels.

Translation; In the OTO we don't sacrifice animals, violate people, or extol the senseless destruction of mankind, many of us just have dark senses of humour and tend to revel in it when people decide that that is how they wish to perceive us.

2. What is your favorite all time tea blend

*heh* Now what ever could have prompted this question... (Wonders if ame_chan is reading)

I have to admit, with tea, it's more an idea of what I don't like or what I'm in the mood for. I like something that has a pleasant blend of flavour that fits my tastes at the time I drink. I've had a few favourite blends that have just not been right for the mood when I've drunk them.

That being said, I looove my China Pai Mu Tan White. And I feel badly because I got it at a store in San Diego with a wonderful woman named Catherine who I've lost contact with and I don't remember where the store was. The White tea itself has barely any flavour and yet needs about 5-10 minutes brewing to do what it does best.

The white tea causes the other flavours to separate. Now, this doesn't mean after taste. It's like turning up the saturation on the TV. Tastes become more robust. You can almost begin to separate them mentally in your mouth while still only having one tea flavour.

I was amazingly shocked about two weeks ago at an OTO function (see question 1) when one of the people there was able to tell me by taste each item in the tea. The lavender wasn't a surprise, the passion flower was. Such is why I love my Pai Mu Tan.

3. Who is your favorite author...and why?

And so I lose my geek points... (See question 5)

I am horrible at reading books. I get very easily distracted while reading and as a result often find myself hovering on a paragraph for 15 minutes or worse dozing off. I really should ask all of my friends who can eat a book like "Stranger in a strange land" in one evening, how they do it.

I have found books and some authors that I can sit down with and basically drill through with no effort. recently I jumped on the Harry Potter bandwagon and most recently devoured Prisoner of Azkaban (My favourite of the first three, which I've read so far) But as for a favourite... I'd think that'd have to be Bradbury. He's not the easiest read by far. But I've drilled thru 451 and Martian Chronicles, probably more than any other books (with perhaps Engle's Wrinkle in Time as an exception.)

There's something about Bradbury's writing that truly captures what I think belongs most in Science Fiction. The Human Element story at its deepest. So... I guess for now, that's the best I can give without going to far off tangent.

4. Is polyamory a Heartchoice or a lifestyle choice for you?

This is just a great question, but....

I really don't find that I can define love as a 'choice.' More often than not it just happens. Love just is. It has defined definition, understanding, and explanation for as long as poets have known how to put chisel to wall. I love. I know this. I also know that I shall always have feelings in one way or another for those I have loved. (This of course doesn't mean that they should feel worried that I will come stalk them one day...) Because I loved someone, it doesn't make sense that you just turn that off when you find someone else you love.

All the people who have a second spouse because the first has died... None of them have to stop loving the person whose gone to validate their loving the new one. So, why is death the only thing that can permit this thing.

Even further if 1 person can love 2 people.... why can't three people all love each other.

Which gets onto the second half of the question... lifestyle. Which in modern society is often clamped with the horrifyingly, over-connotative 'Alternative.' This always bugged me... The only way I could live an 'alternative lifestyle' is to live a life unlike the way I should live.

I will love who I love, and there is no one who can tell me otherwise. It may be unrequited and I will accept that and know that it will be my own little universe and no one has to worry or be afraid. It may be shared, and then I will share said love. It may be shared among more than just me and another person... And if so, I pray to be able to be free enough to share that love among those who wish to share it.

I can't choose a lifestyle, I can only live the way that makes me and the ones I love and who love me most comfortable. :)

I guess to answer the question directly...
No, I just am. There really isn't choice involved :)

5. In your opinion...who is the ultimate geek?

Eric Raymond.

No, really. I think the link speaks for itself. I can elaborate... I really don't think it's necessary ;)


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