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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

My meme, the LJ Legacy Virus

Remember - articles you post may be viewed by thousands of people world-wide!!
- Usenet news posting program, pre-post warning.

I had been wanting to do this little status crawl thing for a while. Statistics are mostly accurate as of 10:45 am (PST) today.

The damage: is the total number of posts made through LJ
1st degree is me
2nd degree are Journals that I sponsored.

My Personal Damage...

Journal Entries: 520
Comments Posted: 985
Comments Received: 1314

Users: 30


Second Degree Damage...

Overall Highs in a single journal:
Journal Entries: 678 elnigma
Comments Posted: 2308 elnigma
Comments Received: 1323 burningblue

Journal Entries: 3261
Comments Posted: 7164
Comments Received: 5077

1st and 2nd degree...

Journal Entries: 3781
Comments Posted: 8149
Comments Received: 6391

How I did this...
I went to LJ's new sponsored account page. (You must be a paid user to do this) I went manually thru each journal's full info and copied and tallied the info. Currently, I am working on how to make this into a web function and would appreciate anyone who wants to work with me on this... (see challenge 2)

Two Challenges:
I ask the paid users that I've sponsored to look on their sponsored page and post their results to their journals and in my comment section here (so that I can add in the third degree.) The third degree being the people sponsored by the people I sponsored :)

I ask anyone who wants to work on one of those cool, LJ functions that is guaranteed to kill bandwidth when implemented, to drop me a line or comment as I work on it from my end. :)