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A lovely evening...

Had evening tea (of my own making) at shaktiqueen & giaxcomo' s place last night. jnanacandra and I got there at about 8pm while they were in the nightly ritual of trying to settle in the Pook for bed. Meanwhile, I was trying to coordinate future plans with schnookiemuffin via the ever geeky t-mobile sidekick. I have since my last visit to casadeclover decided to merely revel in my geekdom.

Sadly, the sidekick, which I'd forgotten to charge the previous night, died (amidst a horrible groaning sound) mid conversation.

Yummy carrot cake was served and we had many pleasant conversations. I was 'virtually' introduced to ame_chan who is a tea maven and as J tells me, will "spank my ass" when it comes to tea. Ironically, as if by invocational magick, the second that I typed her user name into my journal posting program, she messaged me my first hello.

(I do believe in magick! I do believe in magick)

The first conversation has already become tea geeking on a level that would make Trekkies run and hide.

Conversation 1 underway... evaluation... "Yes P! I like her." ;)

A quiet evening followed by Heather and I going home and looking over Pandemonium pictures (which shall be posted soon). More later!

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