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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

The daily rant: Goodbyes...

Continuing in the vein of the Daily Rant...

First off, thanks to everyone who jumped me on yesterday's rant. It was wonderful because I got hit with fact and reason and there was no name calling. It was highly appreciated...

Granted... idiot me for not expecting lapig93 to make the first jump. Remember folks his UID is literal ;) I still may throw comments on that thread or continue other issues along that thread but for today.. here's something new...

Saying Goodbye online, I've done this; you've done this...

Many of the people I know and socialize with have some form of pagan bend to them. Primarily what this means is that they have found a spiritual path that has taken them away or in ways have complimented the common Judeo-Christian beliefs that exist in the US.

What does this have to do with Goodbye? Well, how many of the following have you seen? "Merry Part", "93, 93/93", "Blessings be upon you..." or for that matter, "Good Bye"

It surprises me that so many people want to drop their dogma, but not wait for the other person to return the comment. It's feels like they are throwing a grenade and running away.

"Ha! I have thrown my dogma at you and logged off before you can ask, argue or return!" And from everything I've seen, each of these statements is almost a handshake of acknowledgment and concept.

So, the next time you need to log off, consider the fact that if you throw a casual, "93" the other person may wish to return in kind. I know I often do...

I know and fully admit, I've also managed to throw the 93 as I log off as well.

So, stick around and remember... it's not just text on the screen. There is matching text elsewhere on the net, and that text is attached to another computer, attached to another human. And they too may wish to share in, or at least take curiosity in your spirituality.

IM'ing... It's another form of conversation. And you don't just say "well, gotta go" and drop the phone on the receiver.

Love is the Law, love under will :)

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And you don't just say "well, gotta go" and drop the phone on the receiver.

Um Greg, depending on what is going on, I do. If say, dinner is burning, I don't wait for the person on the other end of the phone to say goodbye before I put out the fire. If I have to take a health break, I will hang up the phone on people. If they are friends, they understand that nature calls.

Moreover, if you're IMing while at work and your boss comes up behind you you close the window and to hell with whatever is going on in the conversation. Or if you're IMing and your talking about someone and that person comes up behind you, rather than let them read your conversation, you close the window and log off. And since this is computer driven sometimes the computer crashes. Things fall apart, the world is an imperfect place.

If the tone is naggy...it doesn't mean to be, just giving you the other side of the equation.

I can't help being reminded of that Woody Allen film where he obsessively worries that someone said "Jew" instead of "did you". :)

i admit i do this, but I usually have a reason...dinners ready, talking 'bout someone and they walk in. or even the conversation isn't going where i'd like and i'll use good bye as a way out...

but there have been times i said my fair well and waited for a response and not gotten one...

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